questions that, as a general rule, should not be asked, remember the golden rule of interviews: never ask a question unless it is job-related. Generally. 4. Bad Impression: You Have Something to Hide · Do you check references? · Do you conduct background checks before hiring someone? · Is passing a drug test. Don't ask anything that isn't job-related · Don't beat around the bush · Don't cross the line to a personal discussion · Don't ask anything you can learn from a. EXPLORE JOBS AT · 1. “I didn't have time to prepare.” · 2. “I'll do anything!” · 3. “My last company was so toxic.” · 4. “I know I don't have much experience, but. What is your visa status (if no to the previous question). o. Are you able to provide proof of employment eligibility upon hire? 7. National Origin.

Answer 1. No: You may not ask if they have a disability, however you can ask Can you perform the job functions of this position, as. Interview questions about topics – such as gender, age, religion, political affiliation, race, or disability – can all be illegal, regardless of your intent. For example, Tulloch said, during an interview an employer should never ask "are you planning on starting a family soon?" Employers also should never ask. Lawful Inquiries: Whether an applicant has worked for the company or a competitor under any other name and if so, what name. Photographs. Unlawful Inquiries. Questions you can't ask in an interview are those that pry into an applicant's protected status or privacy rights. For example, workers over the age of 40 are. (Burden of proof for non- discrimination lies with the employer.) CAN ASK: • Whether or not applicant is able to carry out all necessary job assignments/. 10 Interview Questions You Should Never Ask (and 5 You Always Should) ; 1. Anything Related to Salary or Benefits · 2. Questions That Start With “Why?” · 3. “Who. Do you live with anyone? · Are you planning on getting married soon? · Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend? · I hope you don't mind me asking, what is your. The ADA also limits pre-hire medical exams. With certain types of jobs, an employer can require a medical exam after an applicant has been hired. This issue. Question to avoid in an interview. Name. Inquiry whether an applicant's work records are under another name, for purposes of access to these records. Questions an employer should not ask in an interview · Marital or relationship status. Interviewers should avoid asking questions about your marital status.

It's not that you can never, ever ask how much a job pays, it's just that it's considered a no-no in the initial interview phase. It's sort of like when you. Don't be tone-deaf. Never ask questions that can be construed as discriminatory or disrespectful toward someone's culture, religion, gender or background. This means questions covering such topics as age, family, gender, marriage, nationality and religion are illegal questions to ask in an interview. Some illegal. Various laws regulate the questions a prospective employer can ask you, the job seeker. How much do you weigh? (Questions about height and weight are not. Illegal Interview Questions and EEO Guidelines: ; Financial Status. Do you own a car? (only if a requirement of the job). Do you own your own home? Do you own a. “If a prospective employer asks a question about trade secrets, client lists or intellectual property, then you should not answer because you may be in breach. Don't announce that you have no real interest in the job and you're just doing the interview for experience. Certainly don't do that at the end. ILLEGAL JOB INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (AND LEGAL ALTERNATIVES). The following questions should not be asked of any job applicant. If there is any question about. All settings where you interact with job candidates, including informal gatherings with any members of the. Harvard community—even those who are not on the.

You can always refuse to answer an illegal interview question. Sometimes employers or interviewers may not realize that the questions they are asking are. Questions that are not legal to ask include marital status, sexual preference and political persuasion. do you like to party? (i was asked this at one interview, and i found it really offensive) · are you married? or how old are you? · are you. What immediate projects or tasks would I be working on? Is this a new position? If not, what kind of position has the previous employee moved on to? What. Employers cannot ask some candidates questions they do not ask other candidates. Example: An employer asks racialized candidates whether they would be able to.

Employment & HR Documents\Interview It is easier to remember which questions an interviewer can and cannot ask job should not be asked.

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